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offering price of the Moselle in France has manufacturing facilities nano Europe

It seems Tata Nano will set the world record of a car which is there in the media spotlight the maximum number of times. Even though, Tata Motors has confirmed that Nano Europa is slated to hit the European shores by 2011, it has not announced whether the car would be locally manufactured or imported. Of late, a PTI has reported that the province of Moselle in France has indicated that it could lay a red carpet for the Indian automaker to make Nano Europa in their this is amazing

"Tata Motors should take a look at the Moselle province for establishing manufacturing and logistics units for Nano cars," Moselle Development Agency director General M David Malingrey told PTI on the sidelines of the JEC Composites Show. He also told PTI that the province also has lucrative business openings for major auto component makers as it is home to German firm Daimler's manufacturing unit for its popular urban two-seater small car 'Smart'.

It may be recalled that while unveiling the European version of Nano- christened as Nano Europa-at the 79th Geneva Auto Show, Tata Motors’ Ratan Tata (chairman of Tata Sons and Tata Motors) has said that the aforesaid car will be hitting the European market by 2011. However, the European version of what has been dubbed the people's car would be different from the one to be sold in India because it would have to meet different safety and emissions standards, Ratan Tata told reporters at the auto show. Sources on condition of anonymity have revealed that the Indian company will sell the Nano in Europe for 5,000 euros (US$6,316). It is widely believed that once Nano Europa gets launched, Tata Motors would leverage on the humungous distribution network of Italian auto giant, Fiat S.p.A.

With a length of 3.29 metres and width of 1.58 metres, the Tata Nano Europa continues to be stylishly petite but surprises with its spacious interior and generous leg space. The slightly longer wheelbase of 2.28 metres combines excellent space and manoeuvrability, further improving on the benchmark standard set by the Tata Nano. The enhanced spaciousness is complemented by redesigned interiors, marked by smooth curves and a high tech yet gentle feel.

To meet the driving needs of its target customers, the Tata Nano Europa will be powered by a 3-cylinder sporty all-aluminum MPFI engine matched with a 5-speed automatic transmission, and electric power steering. The gasoline engine will be class-leading, providing high fuel efficiency and low CO2 emission of less than 100 gm / km meeting the twin goals of being environmentally friendly and stylish – just like the Tata Nano.

The Tata Nano Europa meets all safety regulations. In addition to the all sheet-metal body, its energy absorbing design, use of advanced restraint systems, ABS, ESP and Air Bags will enhance passenger safety.

Just like the Tata Nano, the Tata Nano Europa incorporates exterior compactness with interior comfort and seeks to provide motorists the pleasure and utility of personal mobility combined with affordability and environment-friendliness, in a world where smaller, fuel-efficient cars are emerging as a preferred choice

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