Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ferrari:Performance car Red Bull Racing

Performance car Red Bull Racing (RBR) RB6 make two top teams, McLaren and Ferrari, working hard to improve their vehicles. The result, we've both know that there was a shift in the constructors' standings pebalap and until seri-8 yesterday.

McLaren who became a pioneer with the M-duct proved successful placing both the MP4-26 finishes 1-2 in Turkey and Canada. Ongoing development has provided a great achievement. Development of a new wing that includes the use, either in front or behind, while competing in Canada.

How about Ferrari? "Prancing Horse team" also did not stay silent. To appear in the upcoming Valencia, F10 exhaust system has been cheating Red Bull car. Spanish Newspaper, U.S., who reported this, as quoted Autoevolution, Tuesday (06/15/2010); not gossip. They received information from sources inside Ferrari.

Apparently, Ferrari F10 B version with a new exhaust channels are said to be faster 0.3 to 0.4 seconds each lapnya when compared in Turkey and Canada.

Which turned out to not only dicontek Ferrari exhaust systems, suspension systems but also has many affects the speed and downforce RB6 very good when at the beginning of the race series.

Unexpectedly, Ferrari F10 rear suspension has been modified the well, whose designs blend with the exhaust channel. This new model gives a large tract which the wind by itself could increase to twice a grip.

"For in Valencia, after the F-ducts and rear wing, the focus of development will be directed to other areas in the car," said Ferrari team principal, Stefano Domenicalli.

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