Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Volvo has the mastery of shots and frames of celluloid.

I do not know if you are lovers of contemporary business literature, but you can not but be aware that the vampire is spreading passion and investing large and small, even in a crowd of Minus Habens. The Twilight saga continues with impunity to claim victims and consents and sharp canines become every day more, the core global media interest.

What, then, the choice of Volvo to participate actively in the cast reproductions of the film? In any case, not even his own free choice made by Swedish manufacturer: it is the author of four books (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn) had a garage built around respect for the family of eternal drinkers blood: among others, Volvo has the mastery of shots and frames of celluloid.

If, however, in creating paper, the vehicle chosen was a S60R (not stupid, vampires), the decision of the protagonists powered production had to turn to other models, since the three volumes had already been eliminated from sports list: the first chapter has used the average Volvo C30, led expertly by Edward Cullen dark.

The second and third volume, conversely, have used the body cooler SUV XC60 in metallic black livery, perhaps more suited to the rocky landscape, forests, bucolic is annotated to the same manufacturer, with a hint of pride undisguised that, after watching the first film, sales of the average C-segment, Volvo C30, are increased, especially in the United States.

As evidence of the strength of liaison CRT-engines, even for medium-sized SUV the attention and interest of the general public has increased, after being used for filming by the plaintiff that, more than many others, is sweeping clouds of hormones of ethnic girls.

To strengthen this marriage, the manufacturer has created a contest online, called "Lost in Forks," in which participants must drive a XC60 in the streets of the town of Forks, where the whole story of the Twilight saga takes place in attempt to bring the car home as soon as possible Cullen.

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