Monday, September 13, 2010

2011 Audi S8 Review

The 2011 Audi S8 is setting new standards in performance and driving pleasure.

Just drive it: The 2011 "Audi S8" means an experience of pure power, consummate driving technology and running and superb workmanship. Drive The 2011 Audi S8 that is enjoyment of exclusive interior design and decor to fulfill all expectations, including Recaro sports seats, leather sports steering wheel, an alcantara roof lining and carbon-fibre strip decor.

The cabin seems very well insulated for sound. The 12-speaker stereo sounds fantastic, with crisp bass and clear highs.

Audi has wired The 2011 Audi S8 to accept either XM or Serius Satellite Radio.
The rear seats are capacious with acres of legroom. Additional heating elements ensure rear passengers get warm air just as quickly as front passengers.

The 2011 Audi S8 comes with 10 air bags, including front knee bags. In a crash, The 2011 Audi S8 computers quickly determine which dual-threshold, dual-stage air bags to deploy, how quickly to deploy them, and how intensely they should be deployed.

The Audi S8 is this German automaker's flagship performance sedan, but it has only been sold sporadically. Used to showcase Audi's performance engineering, S- and RS-badged vehicles compete directly against other automakers' performance models from divisions like BMW's M and Mercedes-Benz's AMG. As a high-luxury, high-performance and high-tech platform, the S8 is the standard-bearer in Audi's arsenal.

Despite being Audi's largest sedan, its combination of a relatively light curb weight, muscular power and the tenacious grip of the car's standard Quattro all-wheel-drive system makes it surprisingly quick and agile. Our editors described it as an impressive luxury sedan first and a performance sedan second. Most Recent Audi S8

Audi's engineers took advantage of parent company Volkswagen's ownership of Lamborghini and snagged the Lamborghini Gallardo's 40-valve V10 engine. Audi increased displacement to 5.2 liters and added FSI gasoline-direct injection to optimize power delivery. A stiffer version of the standard A8's fully independent adaptive air suspension worked in unity with 20-inch wheels, performance tires and speed-dependent steering to deliver exceptional handling in both high- and low-speed maneuvers.

Only in terms of maximum performance potential is Audi's finest a bit of a letdown.
It offered new features like a tire-pressure monitoring system, front and rear parking assist and a navigation system.

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