Sunday, September 5, 2010

BMW M3 Tiger Edition

BMW has released details of the upcoming special edition BMW M3 Tiger Edition, which is planned for the Chinese market. It comes as the third special edition BMW M3 to be released around the world – after the BMW M3 Frozen Gray Edition and the BMW M3 GTS – all created to help BMW celebrate 25 years of the two-door sports car

A while ago BMW silently released a new special edition of the M3 E92 exclusive for the Chinese market called the Tiger Edition. The reason they call it the BMW M3 Tiger Edition is because it’s the Tiger year in China and BMW wanted to please them with this car.

Wrapped in Fire Orange Metallic paint, the same paint used on the M3 GTS, the BMW M3 Tiger Edition comes equipped with several unique features.

On the interior, the BMW M3 Tiger Edition will be packed in Novilla black leather with orange stitching, to match the exterior. Each of the headrests will be adorned with a unique Tiger head logo, while the door sill plates will boast the BMW M3 Tiger Edition Logo in fire orange metallic.

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