Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Citroen DS4 revealed‎

Citroen has released first details of the forthcoming Citroen DS4 , the second model in the upmarket DS series of cars.

TheCitroen DS4 is larger than the DS3 model, more akin to a 5-door hatchback with a coupé-like body.

All engines deliver powerful and efficient performance, including the new to Citroen 200hp petrol unit.

The 5-door ‘crossover coupe’ family hatch is the latest variant in the ‘posh Citroen’ DS range.

Packed with posh trims, including 5 different leather colours and colour-changing dials, the super posh motor is just as flash outside: it gets LED lights front and rear, plus the option of 19 inch alloys.

Car Dealer Magazine looks forward to getting more details of the cool Citroen DS4 in time; dealers, meanwhile, will be keen to see how the firm develops the ‘First-Class Service’ FreeDrive promise.

Citroen, a unique French automaker, has been in the news a lot lately with its revived DS range.

There was the DS Inside Concept that became the DS3, and we covered the sporting version of that car, the DS3 Racing, recently. Then there was the DS High Rider Concept. The "Citroen DS4" becomes the production version of that concept.

Of the DS vehicles we’ve seen, the Citroen DS4 has to be our favorite hands down. The design closely follows that of the DS High Rider Concept introduced last March.

There isn’t a whole lot of changes – for production, the DS4 adds two doors, but shows off a rakish roofline with handle-less rear doors that aim to evoke the appearance of a two-door.

The interior proves Citroen is serious about its intentions of making the DS a premium line for the brand. Citroen will offer its mild e HDI hybrid system that uses a diesel powerplant, Stop & Start system, electronic gearbox system (EGS) and an electronically-controlled reversible alternator.

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