Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nissan LEAF polar bear commercial

The New all electric Nissan Leaf debuted a new commercial.
The Nissan LEAF polar bear commercial has received a considerable amount of press.
The LEAF is the first zero-emissions all-electric car available at an affordable price point. The cuddly bear is seen traversing cities, and ends the commercial by hugging someone who owns a leaf.
Rush Limbaugh says “The polar bear with tears in its eyes gives the frightened owner of the Nissan a hug. For supposedly doing something to save the polar bear. What do you think about the Nissan LEAF polar bear commercial?

While Nissan's 2011 Leaf electric car hardly is as cute as the cuddly polar bear in the new TV ad, above, for the battery car, Leaf does have some engaging and appealing attributes. Leaf's not unique. Chevy says you can pre-heat or -cool Volt's interior, too, for example. What you'd pay for fuel depends on what you pay for electricity to recharge an electric's battery pack. Only time Leaf would lose the comparison, Nissan says, is if gas were to drop to $1.10 a gallon or less. Nationwide average Wednesday was $2.717 per gallon for regular, 14.5 cents more than a year ago, according to AAA's, which tracks daily average fuel prices.

Keep in mind that power plants use some kind of fuel to generate the electricity, so your electric car is, in effect, fueled by whatever the utility companies are burning. In some areas, nearly all the juice comes from coal-fired plants, meaning what you thought was a zero-emission car could be a sulfur-emissions-causing, coal-powered buggy.

First Leaf EVs (Leafs? Leaves?) Those places have aggressive public-charging programs. Nationwide by this time next year, Nissan says.

Nissan is stumping the countryside providing potential buyers with Leaf test drives, so some dealers probably won't even have demonstrators.
Last week, Nissan debuted the commercial titled “Polar Bear” which showcases the car manufacturer’s affordable zero-emission 100-percent electric vehicle, LEAF.

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