Monday, September 27, 2010

Range Rover Evoque five-door version

Land Rover has held a special dealer presentation for the five-door version of the Range Rover Evoque model. Just like the three-door incarnation of the vehicle, the five-door one comes with an engine range consisting of three diesel units (three versions of a 2.2 liter engine) and a petrol powerplant. The oil-burners offer 150 (two of the versions) and 190 hp. Range Rover offers both a four wheel drive and a front-wheel drive system.

It's the five-door version of the Rover Evoque which (according to reports elsewhere on 'tinternet), the company plans to reveal to an awestruck public at the Los Angeles motor show in November.
(The five door was apparently snapped 'illegitimately' during a private preview session for dealers.)
The model pictured here was shown to dealers ahead of the Paris show.
It will have shortened front doors and narrow-aperture rear doors and sales are likely to start in 2012.
Like the three-door model, two specs of 2.2-litre turbodiesel powerplants, with 148bhp and 187bhp, will form the bulk of sales. The front-drive 148bhp diesel will return 58mpg and less than 130g/km of CO2 when paired with a manual gearbox (adding two driven wheels will cost you 8mpg and more than 15g/km).
Other options include park assist, dual-zone climate control with a timer facility, a powered tailgate, adaptive headlights and a heated windscreen.

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