Saturday, October 9, 2010

Icon FJ45-The Most Expensive Truck in the U.S.A

The Icon FJ45 is listed right now on Forbes as the most expensive truck made.

The truck is a military-style long-bed truck which was hand built by Jonathan Ward and a company in Los Angeles. Furthermore Icon FJ45 appears to have a price tag that’s closer to that of luxury sedans as well.

Jonathan Ward is the man responsible for this truck and has indicated that the truck has a classic style, modern performance and timeless utility.

The Icon FJ45 is a pickup truck. But with a starting price of $120,000, the FJ45 is the most expensive pickup truck in America.

According to Yahoo, this military-style long-bed truck was hand built by Jonathan Ward, a former Land Cruiser restorer and special-projects consultant for Toyota. Now Ward builds trucks with “classic styling, modern performance and timeless utility.”

Forbes has listed the Icon FJ 45 as the costliest ever truck made in the USA. The car veterans are of the opinion that this costly truck is also among the most luxurious trucks ever made.

Jonathan Ward says that the pick up truck offers the perfect blend of modern performance and classic styling. The Icon FJ 45 also offers state of the art shock absorption mechanism and suspension package that makes ride on bumpy roads and rough terrains a cakewalk. The Icon FJ 45 is followed by Cadillac Escalade EXT Premium Collection truck which is the second most expensive truck in USA as of now.

The current most expensive truck is the Icon FJ45, a military-style long-bed truck hand built by Jonathan Ward and company in Los Angeles. The Icon truck's starting price?

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