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2011 Toyota Yaris overview

2011 Toyota Yaris Review

Is there any significant changes in spec between 2010 "Toyota Yaris" or 2011 Toyota yaris Model
Model of 2011 Toyota Yaris is coming with same spec which 2010 Toyota yaris model has . The 2011 Toyota Yaris A4 will come with 2 door and 4 door hatchback style and integrate 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine. Similarly 2010 and 2011 Toyota Yaris sedan has same spec. 2011 toyota Yaris Sedan equipped with 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine which produced 106HP engine with 103 lb feet torque. However Toyota Yaris M5 2011 Version will be appear with 5 speed manual transmission like 2010 Yaris M5. When powertrain concerned, the 2011 Toyota Yaris M5 comes with 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine. What are the pros and cons of 2011 Toyota yaris--Pro’s of 2011 Toyota Yaris--Con’s of 2011 Toyota Yaris

What will be the price of 2011 Toyota Yaris Models
Toyota Yaris hatchbacks also offer significantly less cargo capacity than some rivals.
Drivers seeking the most utility will appreciate the Fit, along with the SX4 and Versa hatchbacks; the Fit and SX4 offer more than twice the cargo space of Toyota Yaris hatchbacks, with the Versa not too far behind.

The "2011 Toyota Yaris" is a subcompact economy car that is available as a three-door hatchback, five-door hatchback and four-door sedan. Standard features include 14-inch steel wheels, intermittent windshield wipers, air-conditioning, four-way-adjustable front seats and a tilt steering wheel. The Convenience package adds 60/40-split rear seats (slide/recline for the hatchbacks), 15-inch wheels, a rear-window wiper for hatchback models and a CD/MP3 player with auxiliary audio jack and satellite radio

The front-wheel-drive 2011 Toyota Yaris is powered by a 1.5-liter inline-4 engine with an output of 106 hp and 103 pound-feet of torque. At an EPA-estimated 29 mpg city/36 mpg highway and 32 mpg combined, the manual-equipped Yaris sips less gas than most of the competition.

In government testing, the Toyota Yaris sedan scored four out of five stars for frontal- and side-impact protection for all occupants. Both 2011 Toyota Yaris hatchbacks feature cramped rear seats, but the optional slide/recline function adds a bit more comfort to compensate. Styling differs slightly between the sedan and the hatchbacks, with the sedan being more sedate.

Every Toyota Yaris model features a center-mounted instrument panel. Relative to sedan models, Toyota Yaris hatchbacks offer certain advantages when it comes to design and storage capacity. The sedan offers 12.9 cubic feet of luggage capacity--less than competing sedans like the Ford Focus, Nissan Versa and Suzuki SX4.

The 2011 Toyota Yaris ranks 25 out of 30 Affordable Small Cars. In 2010 the Yaris adopted the Toyota Star Safety System as a standard feature that includes anti-lock brakes, stability control and traction control. The Yaris also has a simplistic, cute design that reviewers like, and good fuel economy of 29/35 mpg city/highway. First, the 2011 Toyota Yaris’s interior is bland compared to the competition’s. Unlike the Fiesta and Fit, the Yaris does not prioritize driver comport.

Reviewers do point out that Toyota didn’t model the Yaris after high performance luxury vehicles. "In the end, the…Toyota Yaris remains a sensible choice,” Edmunds says. Unlike the Yaris, the Ford Fiesta comes standard with automatic windows. The Ford Fiesta, averaging 28 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway, matches the Toyota Yaris’s fuel economy--2011 Toyota Yaris
The 2011 Toyota Yaris is offered as a three- and five- door hatchback or a four-door sedan.

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