Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2012 Porsche 928 Reviews

Porsche introduced the new version of Porsche 928 in 2012. Porsche 928 has a very impressive performance,expensive car. The GT Coupe version has a V10 engine that can produce 605 horsepower. Handling is assisted with control-arm front suspension and multi-link rear. 2012 Porsche 928 version expect to pay more than $150,000.

What We Know About the 2012 Porsche 928
Britain's Autocar magazine reports that Porsche is eyeing a high-performance four-seat luxury coupe based on its first-ever sedan, the 2010 Panamera. Like other high-end brands, Porsche has seen sharp sales declines from the global economic downturn, so it's understandably loath to add another model until conditions improve. It would be the company's fifth "model line" after the Panamera, the Cayenne SUVs, the mid-engine Boxster convertible and Cayman coupe sports cars, and the various rear-engine 911 sports cars.

Autocar cites two motivations for a "2012 Porsche 928". Overall height shouldn't change much for the coupe. Ditto the Panamera's considerable width, aggressive front-end styling, and rear hatch door, the last a novelty in the high-dollar league.

As mules currently in testing suggest, Porsche has in development a third front-engined car. Coming after the successful Cayenne SUV, and the future Panamera saloon (expected in 2009), the third model will be a large four-seat coupe--2012 Porsche 928 GT Coupe

Comparing to the Panamera, the 928 GT Coupe will have a shorter wheelbase and will loose some weights. The "Porsche 928 GT Coupe" will be powered by the same engines used in the Panamera. Also the GT Coupe will use the 5.7 litre V10 engine producing 605 hp used in the Carrera GT.

As the Panamera is aimed against the top-class sports-luxury saloons, the new Porsche GT Coupe will have to deal with the Granturismo high-class, and elegantly mix performance and refinement.

2012 Porsche 928 GT Coupe--Being a front-engined coupe and also a GT model, it is expected the new 928 GT Coupe to compete with luxury models from the market like the 599 Fiorano and Aston Martin.

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