Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Renault Zoe

Lawyer David Koubbi sued Renault on behalf of all of the women in France named Renault Zoe, and in particular two girls (aged two and eight) named Zoe Renault.

Mr Koubbi contended that girls and women named "Renault Zoe" (the 11th most popular given name in France, possessed by an estimated 35,000 French citizens) could face a lifetime of taunts and teasing if Renault was allowed to use the name.

The judge threw out the case, ruling that people named renault Zoe would only have a case if they had proof the car’s name would lead to “certain, direct and current harm”.

It's non for two girls named Zoe Renault; the automaker whose name they share has the right to name its forthcoming electric vehicle the Renault Zoe. A French court dismissed a lawsuit by the parents of the two girls, supported by the French pressure group ADNP — the Association for the Defense of Our First Names — which had claimed that the choice of that model name would be harmful to the 35,000 French women and girls who are named Zoe.

A bizarre legal battle over the name Zoe has been won by Renault. The families of several girls called Zoe Renault took the firm to court in France over its plan to call its new electric car the Zoe. Renault already uses girl’s names for its Clio and Mégane models.

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