Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hyundai lounch Hyundai Equus Owner's Manual App ipad

Hyundai is launching a new kind of owners manual for its new Equus luxury car. Besides the usual rundown of information about vehicle features, the app has live service scheduling called “Equus At Your Service” that includes valet service.

Hyundai said its new interactive Equus Owner's Manual App for iPad — an exclusive feature on the 2011 luxury sedan — is now available for downloading from Apple's App Store.
The Equus Owner's Manual App for iPad can be downloaded from the App Store.
hyundai is redefining the luxury vehicle ownership experience with the launch of the Equus Owner's Manual App for iPad®, iPhone and iPod touch. The app is available now on the App Store for owners and non-owners, and is available to download for iPads that Hyundai is providing to all new Equus owners.

"The Equus App is the ultimate owner's manual. The Equus App includes:
Vehicle location-based dealer locator; finds the nearest authorized Equus dealer based on current location
Equus photo/video gallery provides beautiful footage and photography in various scenarios and locations

Links to Hyundai model pages on for owners who may want to view other vehicles
Customers who visit the app site can download Equus feature call-outs and interactive demonstrations including:
Vehicle Stability Management system
Rear-wheel drive powertrain configuration
Equus dynamic running footage

Beyond the immersive owner's manual, the Equus App delivers Equus At Your Service, an industry-first on-line vehicle service scheduling capability with valet service for Equus owners.
"Equus At Your Service includes live service scheduling functionality from iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, allowing Equus owners to schedule service appointments directly with the dealership," says Krafcik. For more information about the 2011 Hyundai Equus, visit
Hyundai vehicles are distributed throughout the United States by Hyundai Motor America and are sold and serviced through about 800 dealerships nationwide.

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