Friday, December 3, 2010

The New Dogde Viper bringing back for the 2013 model year

A concept version of the next American supercar was shown in September in Orlando, Fla., by Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne to a convention center filled with thousands of people—most of them notoriously talkative car dealers. A common theme emerged: The Dogde Viper had a distinct Italian theme with an unmistakable American presence. The car shown in Orlando was painted bright red and had flashy lights, perhaps LEDs. One source compared it to the 1998 Viper. The "Dogde Viper" factory in Detroit, dubbed the “Snake Pit,” was the new company's first plant to reopen.

Powertrain specifics remain unknown, but a V10 has always been the Viper's signature feature. As Chris Marshall, president of the Dogde Viper Club of America, put it: “The main concern for the true Dogde Viper purists is the big-displacement engine.”

Dogde Viper Nation can rest with some assurance that a new snake is poised to strike in 2012.

"Dodge is bringing back the Dogde Viper for the 2013 model year. In the Detroit News interview Gilles implies the next-generation Viper will be more civilized than the outgoing model, which as every enthusiast knows, has a reputation for raw, brute force". The original Viper debuted 18 years ago with side exhausts and side curtains in place of modern roll-up windows. The outgoing 2010 Viper -- production ended in July -- has a base price of $90,255. New 2012 Hyundai sedan caught on video

Reviving the Dogde Viper is important for preserving Dodge's status in the high-end sports car segment and clarifying Dodge's identity as Chrysler's performance brand. With a sticker price of $90,000-plus, Viper was the ultimate "halo" car. A Dogde Viper comeback was always under consideration, according to Chrysler's November 2009 product plan. "We're extremely excited that our ultimate American sports car and icon of the Dodge brand will continue to live on," said Ralph Gilles, Dodge president and CEO.

Fiat engineers will have a significant role in the new DogdeViper, the Chrysler official familiar with the planning said.

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