Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 dodge nitro reviews

Despite its tough name, the 2011 Dodge Nitro is surprisingly wimpy.
Engine: standard engine is 3.7-liter, 210 horsepower V6; 4.0-liter, 260-horsepower V6 optional with Nitro SXT

Acceleration: the standard Nitro has a current 0-60 time of 9.5 seconds, while the rear-wheel-drive 4.0-liter Nitro has a 0-60 time of 7.7 seconds. For 2011, Dodge may up the power of the Nitro, resulting in more competitive acceleration.

Suspension: the live-axle rear suspension on the current Dodge Nitro has received substantial criticism, so changes may be in store for 2011 to give the Nitro a smoother, less trucky ride
The 2011 Dodge Nitro will never be mistaken for a high-performance vehicle. The 2011 Dodge Nitro gives car buyers on budgets a decent option; after all, the base model has a starting price of around $22,000. With so many features-packed crossover SUVs on the market today, the 2011 Dodge Nitro is a tough sell.

The "2011 Dodge Nitro" ranks 23 out of 24 Affordable Compact SUVs. Car reviewers love the 2011 Dodge Nitro’s styling, but they find little else to like about the pugnacious little SUV.
Most affordable compact SUVs are starting to look alike – but not the 2011 Dodge Nitro. The Honda Element has boxy styling, a lower starting price and better fuel economy than the Nitro--For 2011 the Dodge Nitro is little-changed, with the exception of trim names.

rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive are available, as are two engines – a 3.7-liter V6 and a 4.0-liter V6. Until Chrysler official press photos of the new 2011 Dodge Nitro version, we can not really say much about what’s in store for the small SUV.

2011 Dodge Nitro will never be mistaken for a high performance vehicle. There are two parts to the experience of being at the heart of the Dodge Nitro 2011. Dodge Nitro 2011 gives car buyers on budgets a decent option, after all, the basic model has a starting price of about $ 22,000. With so many features packed crossover SUV on the market today, the" 2011 Dodge Nitro" is a hard sell. Lighter, peppier and more vehicles adapted to comparable price tags are available.

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