Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Hyundai Accent Reviews

The Accent is Hyundai's budget-minded car. Accent comes in two body styles: two-door hatch or four-door sedan. Trim levels are GS, SE, and GLS. Bodystyles: Sedan, two-door hatchback
Engines: 1.6L I-4
Transmissions: 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic
Models: GS, SE, GLS, Blue

The sportiest model, the SE, comes with 16-inch wheels (14-inchers are standard on all other models) and foglights, among other features.

Air-conditioning is standard on all models except the Blue edition. Sportier touches are offered with the SE, such as a B&M shifter, standard cruise control, and steering-wheel-mounted audio controls.

Driver and passenger front airbags are standard, along with side impact airbags and front and rear head curtains. Disc and drum brakes are standard. ABS isn't available with the Blue edition, is standard with the SE, and is optional otherwise.

The 2011 Hyundai Accent costs many thousands less than a typical late-model used car, and that's a significant part of its appeal. With a base price of $9,985, not including destination, the Accent is again the lowest-priced car in the U.S. market, and comes in three-door hatchback or four-door sedan models.
All 2011 Hyundai Accent models remain powered by a 110-horsepower, 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, driving the front wheels. However running costs are low, and the Accent has enough power for most commuting needs.

All Accents come standard with front, side, and curtain airbags, but Hyundai still skimps on anti-lock brakes; they're not even offered on the base GL model. Electronic stability control isn't available at all.

The 2011 Accent comes with quite a range of equipment; the three-door hatchback is offered in base GL, GS, and SE trims, while the sedan is available only in upscale GLS trim--A Bluetooth hands-free interface is also sorely lacking from the 2011 Accent.
The "2011 Hyundai Accent" offers decent performance, adequate cargo space, good fuel economy and not much else for about $10,000. The "2011 Hyundai Accent" is the perfect car for hard-working Americans who want to save money. By the time you add these features, the Accent costs nearly $14,000. If $10,000 is your budget, get this car. If you’re likely to buy the Accent, you should know that Hyundai is redesigning it in 2012.

The Hyundai Accent is $15 shy of $10,000, and there are few affordable small cars that match this low base price. The three-door Accent doesn’t come with air conditioning, a tilt steering wheel or an audio system. By the time you add these features, the "Hyundai Accent" will cost nearly $14,000 for the GS trim. If you’re looking for a car that’s safer than the Accent but costs less than the Forte, look at the Toyota Yaris--The 2011 Hyundai Accent comes in three and four-door models. Last year Hyundai offered the Accent Blue; it’s unavailable this year--A redesigned Hyundai Accent debuts in 2012.

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