Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2012 Lexus LFA Reviews

This trend is being followed by its Lexus division by offering the refreshed model of Lexus LFA with in-built luxury features. The newest luxury coupe with sporty looks would be tagged as 2012 Lexus LFA.

The hand crafted sleek design of 2012 Lexus LFA offers stylish look to the two door coupe. The curb weight of vehicle is estimated to be 3500 pounds with the weight distribution of 42 percent towards front and 58 percent towards rear. The refreshed model of "2012 Lexus LFA" has a front located engine. This sequentially automated gearbox is a single clutch unit. This mechanical assembly is adopted by 2012 Lexus LFA to offer enhanced fuel economy as it is the major concern of today’s buyer class. With this mechanical pack the luxury coupe runs to offer better performance with the mileage of 14 mpg in urban streets and the mileage of 20 mpg on highways.

The dashboard would come added with high standard music system, climate control system and premium standard navigation system.

In a Lexus. Lexus claims multiple justifications for the LFA program. The car, it says, casts a halo over the Lexus F line of performance machines. The program started in 2000, and Lexus showed the first concept car at the Detroit auto show in 2005. In the interim, LFA prototypes were spotted testing at the Nordschleife, and further, two race-prepared cars entered the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring in 2008 and 2009. Although the car is extravagantly expensive, Lexus says it will lose money on every one. The last car that incorporated a similar level of technology, performance, and exclusivity was the $650,000 Ferrari Enzo. The LFA is an exotic, two-place, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive coupe. Per Lexus’s scales, the car weighs 3263 pounds—less than a Corvette ZR1.

The rear-mounted, six-speed automated manual transaxle incorporates a Torsen limited-slip differential. Forged aluminum 20-inch BBS wheels sit inside bespoke 265/35 front and 305/30 rear Bridgestone Potenza tires. There are four driving modes: automatic, normal, wet, and sport; the driver can also select manual shift speeds. The car we drove had a mixture of supple leather, carbon fiber, Alcantara, and “satin metal” adorning the cockpit. Lexus will offer seat coverings in 12 shades of leather or 10 alternate hues of Alcantara, with three color choices for the Alcantara headliner. The squared-off steering wheel houses a start button and a switch that controls the instrument-panel display.

Twelve interior colors will also be available, at slightly extra cost, because, as reminded by Lexus University facilitator Paul Williamsen, purple cows cost more than black and white cows.
The wide range of color selections almost ensures well-heeled LFA buyers that they will never see their car’s twin.

Equipped with a single choice of Formula 1-inspired V10 power, the LFA utilizes the Lexus Type 1LRGUE engine. Constructed by sub-contractor Yamaha, the engines will be hand-built and finished with a plaque signed by the engine builder, a de rigueur move for high-end performance cars these days. A carbon-fiber torque tube gets power to the rear transaxle. Gear changes are made using paddle shift levers controlling the LFA’s Automated Sequential Gearbox. High-performance synchronizer rings provide almost instantaneous gear changes. Lexus claims gear-banging as quick as 0.2-seconds with the ASG. Four adjustable driving modes–auto, sport, norm and wet modes are available. Auto is the default mode. Six-piston carbon composite material (CCM) brakes by Brembo slow things down after high speed blasts. BBS Forged wheels, and next generation Bridgestone Potenza supercar tires round out the package. Gravity sucks
The LFA’s steering is controlled by an electric power-assisted rack and pinion system; in the process, Lexus claims, it produces less drag on the system. The hollow carbon fiber steering wheel’s center of rotation is lower as well, as is the center of gravity, so the bottom of the steering wheel has been lopped off. Two-thirds of the Lexus LFA skeleton is constructed using in-house-developed carbon fiber reinforced plastics. The end result is a car as sticky as flypaper.

The Lexus LFA interior makes it clear that this is still a Lexus. Lastly, Lexus Inform will be available when ordering the LFA.
The LFA shows loads of poise under pressure. VDIM, parent company Toyota’s name for its vehicle dynamics control system, sets the car up nicely, and Lexus officials tell us that the LFA is undergoing constant software and hardware revisions in its run up to full production.

The company has stated they will only build 500 units worldwide, at the rate of around 20 cars per month built. Regardless of when each individual LFA is built, it will be designated as 2012 model.
The Lexus LFA is a massively impressive halo car for Lexus, and one the brand absolutely needs if it wants to be considered a maker of high-performance cars. Lexus has developed a strong identity for itself and, as enthusiasts, we applaud the LFA’s new direction for the brand.

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