Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Prius V and the Prius C concept displayed at Detroit Auto Show 2011

Toyota displayed at Detroit Auto Show 2011 the first derived of their Prius hybrid mode, a minivan with generous interior, keeping the same drive train.

Just like they promised, Toyota unveiled at Detroit Motor Show 2011 the first member of their Prius hybrid family. The Japanes hybrid minivan is 182 inches long, 70 inches wide, 62 inches high and has a wheelbase of 109 inches. Toyota Prius V has a fuel mileage of 42 mpg in the urban jungle, 38 mpg on the highway and an average of 39.8 mpg.

Enter the Prius V and the Prius C concept (shown)--When asked, she pulled up the stats which showed the Toyota Prius V gaining 50% in cargo volume. Bottom line for the Prius V is that the hybrid format for Toyota is working; and now it’s proving to be scalable.
Truth is, there’s room for technical variations, because the automotive market itself is so varied--The main message for either model is clear, though: Toyota is expanding the marketability of its Prius line of cars.

The Detroit auto show is the main stage for Toyota’s rebirth after a rather compromising period. The Japanese company has big plans for the next couple of years: introducing seven new hybrid cars, updating four existing versions and a fully electric vehicle. Toyota’s popular Prius hybrid, sold in close to 1 million copies since its release in 2000, is the foundation for this new generation of cars. GM’s Chevy Volt, direct competitor, tops Prius’s 13 miles electric power range significantly, with a range of 40 miles.

however, according to Bob Carter, general manager and Toyota Division Group vice-president, the Prius offers a faster recharge, less weight which means better economy when in hybrid mode, and a lower price.

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