Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Upcoming Cars BMW M5 With Specification And Prices

2011 Upcoming Cars BMW M5 With Specification And Prices With Reviews and Images

BMW M5 Car Specifications

Trim M5 5.0 L V10
Transmission: Manual
Configuration: V10
Configuration Size: 4995 cc
Power (hp): 500.1 hp
Power (kW): 372.9 kW
Torque (ft/lb): 383 ft. lbs.
Torque (NM): 520 nm
Maximum Speed: 250 km/h (155 mph)
0-60 acceleration 5.3 sec
Urban fuel consumption: N/A
Extra Urban fuel consumption: N/A
Combined fuel consumption: N/A
Miles Per Litre: Variable Miles
Fuel Cost Per Mile N.A
Cost Of Full Tank: N.A

Lumma is one of hundreds of German car tuners who take everyday cars and make them unique. The M5 could never really be termed as an 'everyday car' thanks to its strong performance credentials, yet asglobal sales of the BMW M5 eclipse all predictions, even prompting the development of a family-friendly wagon version, maybe this term isn't so out of place?

Taking the BMW M5 as its base, Lumma has made various modifications that result in the CLR 500 R-S.

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