Friday, July 23, 2010

2011 Ford Explorer Leaked?

Ford has been building the anticipation for its long overdue all-new Explorer for several months, including giving the world a few sneak peaks on Facebook of what the next Explorer will look like.

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But now, it appears as if a member of The Mustang Source forum has acquired a partial side profile shot, as well as a complete front 3/4 digital image that appears to be a true representation of the next Explorer.
The first teaser image was posted on Ford's Explorer Facebook page to introduce the vehicle's Chief Engineer, Jim Holland. Although it's not really much more revealing than any of our earlier spy photos, it does show off a little of the Explorer's new headlamps and it confirms that a production model will be shown soon as the automaker seeks to build attention.
Now, the images posted on The Mustang Source appear to be of the same vehicle previously teased, and also match the spy images we have captured over the last year. the only thing that is unclear at this point is whether the Explorer will come to market as a 2011, or 2012 model year.
Sources revealed to Leftlane that the most likely option at this point is a 2012 model year, allowing Ford to make a final run of 2011 model year runs with the current body style before making an early to mid-2011 calender year release of the 2012 Ford Explorer.
2011(2) Explorer gains traction
Ford says the new traction control system for the 2011 Explorer will make it easy for drivers to select the appropriate road conditions, which will allow the system to adjust traction control engagement.
Ford says that the new traction control system will come standard on all 4×4 models, which the automaker says make up roughly half of its model sales. The system replaces the Control Trac system which reportedly confused some drivers, having the choice between: automatic, high, or low traction. The new system, originally developed by former Ford subsidiary Land Rover, is intended to give drivers more intuitive choices, in additional to a wider array of choices.
The system will make changes to the vehicle's behavior for the engine, transmission, brakes, wheel rotation speed and more. Ford says this will help drivers in unfamiliar driving conditions, such as snow or sand. When in snow, for example, the system will use more braking to slow the wheels down, where as in sand the system would aim to keep constant wheel movement to avoid becoming stuck.
"People...want an SUV to have the capability to go off road, but because they don't do it a lot, they don't know how," Holland told the AP in a recent interview. "We just want them to feel capable."
In addition to gaining Land Rover-sourced traction control, the new Explorer will also borrow hill descent assist system, found on the F-150 and F-150 Raptor. This system, engaged by a button found in the middle of the traction control dial, will automatically apply brakes and adjust engine output to slowly descend hills.

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