Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Audi A7 hit the marketplace by 2011

The Audi Present A7 in 2010 , the new design , fast car and also beautiful , just Audi can make you happy .

We spotted the new Audi A7 an hour outside of Oslo, Norway. There were two of them - dressed in camo - in an entourage of several black cars with german registration plates. According to Audi Norway the car officially will be shown on the Moscow Car Show in august this year

Audi A7 confirmed for USA and maybe S8 but no A5 Sportback HQ

North American consumers should expect to see the Audi A7 hit the marketplace by 2011. The news comes from Johan de Nysschen, an Audi executive, who spoke with Autoblog last week.

Likewise, the executive sees the likelihood of the Audi S8 turning a profit in North America. "I think it's pretty safe to assume that an S model is in the wings," he told an Autoblog reporter.
"We always have a high-performance version. And that, of course, will be in the normal wheelbase version."

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