Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Honda Fit Reviews

Should you buy a 2011 Honda Fit or wait for the 2012 Honda Fit? The 2012 Fit is likely to receive Fit’s first appearance updates since its model-year 2009 introduction. The 2011 Honda Fit’s styling is a rerun of the 2010 Fit’s. The 2011 Honda Fit reprises a three-model lineup: the base Fit, the Fit Sport, and the Fit Sport with a navigation system. This antiskid technology was previously exclusive to the Fit Sport with Navigation.

Otherwise, the 2011 Fit is a mechanical repeat. Transmission choices for the 2011 Fit base and basic Sport models are a five-speed manual or a five-speed automatic. Fit’s suspension is also subcompact-typical, with a rear torsion beam and drum brakes. All Fit Sport models now also come with fitted floormats, which previously were an extra-cost accessory. Beyond these changes, the 2011 Fit features list mirrors the 2010 version’s.
The navigation system continues to be limited to the Fit Sport, where its addition creates a separate model.

Exclusive to Fit Sport models are a security system, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and cabin map lights. Fit’s audio system is a 160-watt single-CD unit with four speakers on base models and six on Sports. Fit’s defining feature remains an innovation Honda calls the Magic Seat.

The Honda Fit has long been a darling of the affordable small car market due to its distinctive styling, nimble handling and spunky performance.One thing’s for sure - the Honda Fit’s still got it. Anti-skid protection, not included in the Fit’s competition, provides a much-needed check on the exuberant driving that the Fit inspires.
One of the elements most maligned in the older Fit models was the quality of the interior materials. Thankfully, Honda got the message and upgraded the interior materials and styling to feel a little bit more comfortable. Known as the “Magic Seat,” the Honda Fit can easily be configured to fit items as tall as bicycles or as long as skis.

The “Fit Sport” model comes with built-in security system, USB connectivity, a leather steering wheel and cabin map lights.
The 2011 Honda Fit ranks 3 out of 32 Affordable Small Cars. The "2011 Honda Fi"t is a press favorite and has received numerous accolades from the automotive industry. Of course, the Fit isn’t perfect. One of the most prominent reviewer complaints concerns the Fit’s buzzy engine. "The Fit is pretty near the top of my favorite-cars list,” says the Los Angeles Times.

The Fit’s biggest drawback is its price. The Fit’s price is average for hatchbacks. Other hatchbacks on the market include the Ford Fiesta hatchback, which starts at $15,120, just a 20 bucks more than the Honda Fit. The Fiesta’s shaking the automotive industry with high fuel economy ratings, stellar performance and uncommonly high build quality. Kia is also introducing the Forte Five-door Hatchback. You can also save money by looking at used 2009 Fits and 2010 Fits still on dealer lots.

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