Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2011 honda accord , the possibility of oil leakage..

Concerned about possible oil leaks in one of its popular K series engines, Honda is notifying 1,200 owners to visit their local dealer for an inspection. The affected engine is the 2.4-liter four-cylinder found under the hood of the 2011 Honda Accord (non-V6 models) and 2011 Honda CR-V (all models).

According to a service bulletin the automaker sent to its dealers on December 3, an engine part may have been cast improperly, thereby allowing engine oil to leak.
The cry over recall is slowly sneaking into the camps of Honda as its Accord and CR-V, numbering about 9300 units- 5000 Accords and 4300 CR-Vs, are to be recalled for oil leakage complaint. The company admits that there will manufacturing defect causing engine oil leakage.

Honda communicated this problem and the remedy in its December 3 dated bulletin. Honda’s Accord 2011 model came to the market some four months ago this year while CR-V entered into the market some two months ago. Honda’s notice in this regard is applicable to "Honda Accord" with 2 and 4 doors; and 2 and 4 wheel drive of CR-Vs.

Recent Honda Accord and CR-V purchasers beware; Honda Motor Co. will notify approximately 1,200 owners of 2011 Accords and CR-Vs of possible engine oil leaks as a result of a manufacturing issue. Dealers have been notified that 5,000 Honda Accords and CR-Vs on dealer lots also need to be checked for the issue.

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