Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Aston Martin DB5 All'asta su E 007

Set the famous "Goldfinger" and "Thunberball''60s London for now. One of the two Aston Martin DB5 made for Hollywood special will be auctioned in the UK city on October 27 at Sotheby's. Its value was so high that the estimated revenue is approximately 5 million dollars . Moreover, it is truly exceptional specimen.

In the '60s hit mainly because the collective imagination of "a lot of accessories" that distinguishes it as a pull gallettoni-wheel can slide the car tire your opponent in style "Ben Hur", plate rolling, passenger ejector seat, machine guns located behind the front indicators, oil spread in the queue had not yet finally pulled located behind the rear bulkhead steel.

Originally owned by EON Productions for the film 007, Aston Martin DB5 in the question again later in the ownership of Aston Martin itself, until purchased for $ 12,000 (1969) by Mr. Jerry Lee, the American millionaire Philadelphia. Since then the car is always and rarely performed in public. But now that Lee intends to sell to donate the proceeds to charity through his foundation's namesake related to poverty alleviation. "Although no longer with me, kept giving me great satisfaction in doing good by Jerry Lee Foundation

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