Monday, August 23, 2010

2010 Chrysler 300 review

The 2010 Chrysler 300 ranks 3 out of 7 Affordable Large Cars. The aging Chrysler 300 still wins points for style, and in upper trim levels, for pure power. It offers vast interior room, competitive pricing, and a pair of available V8 engines -- one powerful, one absurdly powerful.

The 300, however, loses points for a fairly low safety rating compared to its competition, and for Chrysler's mixed reliability reputation.

Only with the current model has Chrysler revived the accolades and respect that once surrounded this proud nameplate.
Thanks to its distinctive styling, roomy interior and powerful performance capabilities, the latest Chrysler 300 has become a popular choice in the large sedan segment. According to our editors, nearly all 300 models should serve consumers well.

Current Chrysler 300
The Chrysler 300 is a large five-passenger sedan with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. The Chrysler 300 comes in LX, Touring, Limited, "C" (labeled the 300C) and SRT8 trim levels. The 300C and SRT8 versions are the performance-oriented models. For rear-drive Touring and 300C models, Chrysler also offers the W.P. Chrysler Executive Series. This model rides on a 6-inch-longer wheelbase and provides additional legroom for rear-seat passengers.

Touring and Limited trims have a 3.5-liter, 250-hp V6 and a five-speed automatic. The top-shelf 300C and 300C SRT8 feature V8 engines with five-speed automatics. The 300C's V8 makes 359 hp, and the SRT8's boasts 425 hp. The SRT8 also features a stiffer suspension setup, more powerful brakes and a larger wheel-and-tire package. Most 300s are rear-drive, but Chrysler offers all-wheel-drive versions of the Touring, Limited and 300C.
In reviews of the Chrysler 300, the car has fared quite well. Used Chrysler 300 Models
The current-generation Chrysler 300 debuted for the 2005 model year. Like fossil records, the Chrysler 300 has a long but patchy history. It was built through the 2004 model year.

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