Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bugatti Veyron Interior

Bugatti Veyron Interior

The veyron s interior is remarkably luxorious and stylish while the exterior successfully resembles the design of the classic bugatti masterpiece

Already the" bugatti veyron serial edition sets standards in terms of price", maximum speed and this is sick the designs, both interior and exterior fits the vehicle so very well. Bugatti veyron 16 4 supercar based on classic ettore the bugatti veyron soleil de nuit comes in a special paint scheme that includes polished aluminum and black blue metallic with an orange interior all three bugatti veyron special

Even the tires for the Veyron are unique. The tires need to be sticky like a race car's and able to handle 1.3 G's on the skidpad. In the rear, the tires are 14.4 inches (36.6 cm) wide. The tires use the Michelin PAX system. According to Michelin, the run-flat detection system "plays an integral role in active safety in PAX System. One advantage of the PAX system and its run-flat ability is that it eliminates the need for a spare tire

Bugatti Veyron Interior
The Veyron seats two in lavish style. The car also surrounds its occupants with every sort of electronic nicety, including a remarkable stereo system, navigation system, etc

The added weight means diminishing returns in the power-to-weight domain. Look at a Champ car and consider how radical its appearance is compared to a passenger car. The "Veyron probably approaches the outer limits of the passenger car envelope, and we are unlikely to see much beyond the Veyron in terms of performance"

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