Friday, August 27, 2010

Volkswagen Scirocco announced

Last week, at its plant in Portugal, Volkswagen celebrated its 100,000th third generation Scirocco rolling off the production line. Andreas Hinrichs, Autoeuropa Plant Manager, said: “The Scirocco is one of the most important cars that we produce.
Volkswagen launched the Scirocco hatchback in 1974 and that model has been very successful for the brand in its segment with sales hitting 795,650 units up until 1992. The Scirocco is now in its third generation model, which is built at the company’s Automóveis Ltda. plant in Portugal

Volkswagen announced on Friday that it has produced the 100,000 unit of the third-generation model. The 100,000th model is a Scirocco R 2.0 TSI, in Rising Blue Metallic, with a Titan Black interior, radio navigation system, Park Pilot and a tilting sunroof.
For myself personally, it was a moving moment”, said Andreas Hinrichs, Autoeuropa Plant Manager.
One of the best things about imported vehicles is they let consumers enjoy genuine Volkswagen-branded cars, Hu said.

Hu's words came in an interview after the third race in Volkswagen's Scirocco Cup China 2010 on the Chengdu International Circuit.

With both the Golf GTI and Scirocco, Volkswagen offers young customers that favoring sporty cars affordable choices compared with much more expensive supercars, Hu said.

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