Monday, August 9, 2010

audi tt wing

audi tt wing

audi tt wing door mirrors with integral side repeaters

The sharper the angle of the wing relative to the rear of the car, the more down force will be applied to the rear wheels, and the more drag the wing will create.

Performance cars like the Audi TT will see some driving benefit from a properly tuned spoiler and wing setup, but your Audi will look a lot cooler, and that's what matters, right? In fact, since your Audi TT is either front wheel drive or all wheel drive, adding a strong Audi TT Wing could even be negative. Adding a steep wing to a front wheel drive car will increase under steer (front wheels losing traction in a turn), so you probably want an aesthetic Audi TT Wing or an Audi TT Spoiler

audi tt wing

If you are looking for a cheap and easy method to getting your "Audi TT wing", check out this spoiler. The OE style flush mount Audi TT spoiler comes with a three year warranty against defects and is ready to paint and install. Grab some automotive paint to go with it and you'll be in business.

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