Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2011 Lincoln MKZ Award

Costing the same as a standard MKZ, the 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid gets significantly better fuel economy than its gasoline-only equivalent. The bad: The MKZ Hybrid's driving quality differs little from the Ford Fusion Hybrid. The bottom line: With excellent fuel economy, a comfortable interior, and really excellent cabin tech, the "2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid" makes for a near perfect commuter car and general transportation.

With the same specs as the Fusion Hybrid, the 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid achieves 41 mpg in city EPA testing, an impressive number for a segment that barely tops 30 mpg.

Compared to the gas engine front-wheel-drive MKZ, the hybrid version gets about 15 mpg better fuel economy.

We couldn't help geeking out over the MKZ Hybrid's power train while driving it, thanks in large part to the instrument cluster display. Lincoln says the MKZ Hybrid can go up to 47 mph in electric mode. We easily kept the car running under electric power at speeds of just over 40 mph by feathering the throttle, using the power gauge on the display to show how much we could accelerate and stay in electric mode. The MKZ Hybrid takes off from a stop easily, and the electric motor and gas engine work together well. At 41 mpg city and 36 mpg highway, the MKZ Hybrid shows the typical hybrid penchant for low speed, stop and go driving.

the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid has been recognised with a design award by Global Green USA. The gasoline MKZ sedan delivers 18mpg.

“The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid represents a significant achievement by a car company to create the first hybrid luxury vehicle to get more than 40mpg in the city,” said Global Green president Matt Petersen.

2011 Lincoln MKS: Lincoln's big sedan, available in both normally aspirated and turbo forms, is little changed for 2011. Four new colors are available (Bordeaux Reserve Red, Kona Blue, Sterling Gray and Silver Diamond). 2011 Lincoln MKT: The MKT gets the same upgraded audio-navigation system as the MKS. Cinnamon, Steel Blue and Sterling Gray are no longer available. 2011 Lincoln MKZ: The big news for Lincoln's little sedan is the availability of a new hybrid model. Just as the standard MKZ shares many of its parts with the Ford Fusion, so the MKZ Hybrid apes the Fusion Hybrid. Headlining the changes for 2011: 20-inch polished aluminum wheels replace 20-inch chrome aluminum wheels. 2011 Lincoln Town Car: Nothing at all changes for 2011.

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