Monday, September 6, 2010

New Mazda shinari

The distinctive front fenders of the Mazda SHINARI represent the further evolution of the prominent fenders introduced on the RX-8.

In the interior, Mazda Design has created the 'ultimate athletic space' focused on linking ergonomics with basic mechanical functions. Elements of the "Mazda SHINARI" design are likely to find their way into Mazda's future passenger cars, including an RX-8 successor.

Working within tight styling confides, Mazda itself have long been searching to find their design path. Maeda says as he introduces latest creation, the Mazda SHINARI.

Some might argue that Japanese Mazda in fact beaten the Europeans to the punch with a the configuration concept citing Mazda’s RX-8 is a four-door coupe. The Mazda SHINARI four-door design is visually and functionally more in line with the premium European counterparts.
Capturing the powerful forces of nature through the vehicle’s sheetmetal and glass, the Mazda Mazda SHINARI concept is assembled to convey the harmonous shaping of high-strength materials. Translating into the Mazda SHINARI design philosophy is the short, curvy snout of the Mazda RX-8 as well as the Mazda 6-style roof arching between the A and C-Pillars. So eloquently expressing speed on the outside, the interior arrangement of the Mazda SHINARI succeeds in reinforcing the car’s design theme. "In the Mazda SHINARI’s Sport mode, the driving characteristics of the car changes unlocking performance settings including the paddle shifters". Unlike concept vehicles like the Nagare and Furai, there appears to be a deeper production car focus in play for the Mazda SHINARI concept study. This vehicle might be the unique identity Mazda has long been seeking in future road-going cars.

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