Thursday, October 21, 2010

2010 Renault Fluence Review

Renault Fluence is following the philosophy of Dacia Logan. Renault Fluence will also be offered in Israel too. Renault Fluence is a relatively large car and it is between C and D segment. With this car Renault likes to bring a more space for the passengers in the relatively small package. In the cabin there are 9 liter refrigerated glove box in front of the front passenger and 2.2 liters of space in the central console. The interior of the Renault Fluence is modern but simple.

Driver can adjust the driver seat by 240 mm fore/aft and 35 mm in height. He can choose to enter the car with a key or to use wireless system and enter the car hands free with a card which transmits the signals to the car. The new “2010 Renault Fluence” will have excellent choice of engines. Actually it is the one 1.5 dCi diesel engine in five variants. Clients who prefer diesels can choose: dCi 85, dCi 90 DPF, dCi 105, dCi 110 DPF and dCi 110 DPF with the new dual clutch transmission (DCT). The price for the new 2010 Renault Fluence in the South East Europe, Turkey and Israel is going to start from 15.000 Euros ($19.100) for the model with a petrol engine and lowest trim option.

Renault Fluence comes with 4620 mm long, 1809 mm wide, 1479 mm high and has a wheelbase of 2702 mm, 530dm3 the boat, more people room of a major rival to move them from room to 1480 mm and 1475 mm front and rear

Renault Fluence also comes with a choice of five engine variants of the diesel 1.5 dCi: dCi 85, dCi 90, dCi 105, dCi 110 DPF3, dCi 110 DPF with a new dual clutch transmission (DCT), available at the end of the 2010

Renault Fluence is the brand new saloon from Renault. Exterior Design:
Cockpit controls are easy to use including the navigation system and the climate control. Radio control that is mounted on the steering wheel and cruise control are all easy to use.

Cargo spacing could be said one highlight of the car as it can accommodate 23 liters of storage space along with a 9-liter glovebox and a 2.2 liter console and 2.6 liter bin in both the front doors. Even an entry level Renault Fluence features a climate control as a standard equipment. Automatic dual zone climatic control is available as an option for some trims. The Nav system is been integrated to the dashboard offering supreme quality and security. Plug and Music option helps using auxiliary devices like USB or iPod. Safety features include ABS with EBD (electronic brake force distribution), emergency brake assist, speed limiter, fully loaded air bag protection etc.

Outstanding stopping power and durability is achieved by the effective braking system.

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