Friday, October 22, 2010

Porsche Cayenne Rack Up Awards‎

The Porsche Cayenne and Panamera series made by Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, are going down very well with Porsche customers worldwide.

The design language, created by Porsche Chief Designer Michael Mauer, is purposefully oriented on the design DNA taken from the company's sports cars, and most especially on the classic Porsche 911. No matter which angle you observe the Cayenne and Panamera from, the Porsche brand recognition is always there," Porsche informed.

This title is awarded to vehicles with the biggest potential for becoming classic cars. With sales of 29,855 vehicles, the Porsche Cayenne was the bestselling Porsche model in the 2009/10 business year, and a healthy 11,618 of these customers bought the new "Porsche Cayenne". The most sought-after Porsche Cayenne engine in Europe is the diesel, which was widely accepted on the market, whereas outside Europe the models powered by the V8 engine top their respective market segments.

Again, the "auto motor und sport“ readers voted it into first place in the luxury class in the "Die besten Autos” (best cars) vote. It was also awarded the coveted "Auto Trophy“ by the German "Auto Zeitung“ specialist magazine in addition to "Das Goldene Lenkrad“ (golden steering wheel) from "Bild am Sonntag“ and "Auto Bild“. Moreover, the luxurious Gran Turismo won a whole series of international prizes.

Judges and readers from the world’s top motoring magazines have put their opinions down on par during extensive surveys discussing the best cars for 2010 – in a plethora of categories. Both the Panamera and Porsche Cayenne have enjoyed the favor of knowledgeable journalists and the public alike, which goes to show just how popular they are.

In the case of the "Das Goldene Klassik-Lenkrad“ (the golden classic steering wheel) prize, issued this year for the first time by the Auto Bild Klassik magazine, the Porsche Cayenne won the title of "Klassiker der Zukunft” (classic car of the future) for the first time in the off-road-vehicle class, netting an astonishing 25% of the votes. On top of this, the Cayenne Diesel won the title of "Firmenauto des Jahres” (company car of the year) which was awarded jointly by the Firmenauto magazine and the Dekra independent inspection organization after extensive testing and comparison runs. Since then the car has enjoyed a 13% market share in the upper and luxury segment, currently dominated by the likes of Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. The Panamera has also decorated itself with several public and guild awards. Again, the Auto Motor und Sport readers voted it number one in the "Die besten Autos” (best luxury cars) class. It was also awarded the coveted Auto Trophy by the German Auto Zeitung specialist magazine in addition to "Das Goldene Lenkrad“ (golden steering wheel) from the Bild am Sonntag and Auto Bild publications. In addition, the luxurious Gran Turismo won a whole series of international prizes. The British Vehicle Dynamics specialist magazine gave it the Car of the Year and Dynamic car of the Year awards. In the USA, the editors of the Inside Line online magazine also awarded the Most Desirable Car award to the Panamera.

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