Monday, October 11, 2010

new 2011 Ford Fiesta

The new 2011 Ford Fiesta subcompact car is selling for more on average than the Ford Focus compact car as buyers choose to load the popular Fiesta with options. The Preston Automotive group is proud to sell the Ford Fiesta in Preston MD, Ford Fiesta in Pittsville MD, and Ford Fiesta in Denton MD.

The EPA rates the Fiesta with 40 MPG highway and 29 MPG city mileage. It's a premium small car,” says Jim Farley, Ford's global marketing chief. We're selling more Focuses as a result of the Fiesta.”

No doubt helped by the incredible buzz around the all-new Ford Fiesta, the small-car segments showed more sales growth in September than any other car category.
I'm again relying on data from Motor Intelligence here, and those folks give the following numbers on the car side for September: Car sales as a whole were up by 18 percent last month, with "mid-size" entries ahead by 17.9 percent, "luxury" products seeing a 10.2 percent rise and sales of "large" cars dropping 28.2 percent. The results for "small" cars: A relatively healthy 26 percent jump.
When you look at year-to-date numbers, however, which show small cars still off of last year's pace by 2.4 percent, you can get a feeling for how atypical September's sudden increase in small-car sales really was.
The ancient Hyundai Accent, one of the Fiesta's in-segment rivals, chalked up 4,885 sales of its own last month. Now working on a year-to-date sales rate about 25.9 percent below last year's, the Fit saw a whopping 45.9 percent sales improvement in September itself.

It also gets some parts that are actually available for purchase at Ford Racing Parts' website: a short-throw shifter and Ford Racing exhaust. The other Fiestas to take the stand at SEMA include an appearance-package car by Ford Vehicle Personalization, featuring a body kit, a white-and-black interior package, and graphics. Universal Technical Institute's Fiesta will be a bit racier, with an Air Lift digital suspension, roll cage, Status racing seats, Baer brakes, 18-inch wheels, and a custom DuPont paint job. Steeda's SEMA Fiesta follows a similar tack, with a short-throw shifter, cold-air intake, sport springs, retuned shocks, front strut-tower brace, anti-roll bars, and a custom paint job. FSWerks will show a Fiesta with a "cool flow" air intake, race exhaust, body kit, and custom wheels

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