Saturday, October 16, 2010

bugatti veyron test drive accident

That's what happened to this potential Bugatti owner in America, who, with this effort, is challenging for the title of Shortest Test Drive Ever. Some of that may well be from the scraping of the car on the pavement as the car is reversed out.

The driver was slowly edging the Bugatti Veyron on to a congested road with the car dealer guiding him out onto the oncoming traffic due to the 253mph supercar’s terrible blindspots.
As onlookers film the scene on their mobile phones, the Bugatti Veyron rear clips a stationary Toyota Corolla while the front end scrapes the pavement.

The unfortunate accident highlights the risks in having a luxury car dealership in a city centre. Supercars are notoriously low to the ground so driving up and down even minor gradients runs the risk of bumper damage.

This time our hero manages to crash a 1.6 million USD Bugatti Veyron into what looks like a Toyota. As if this was not enough, our talented driver drives the Bugatti Veyron back on the sidewalk, scrapping the front bumper the second time, obviously.

Watch the Bugatti Veyron crash a Toyota in the video after the jump.

This is why you always listen to a spotter when you're pulling out of a driveway in a car with terrible blind spots. Ouch.
Unofficially, the word on the web is that this accident cost the driver over $30,000 to repair. That's a helluva price tag.

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