Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fiat Uno Review

New minivan automotive design concept technology with new features presented from this new car Fiat Uno with fashionable elegant design pictures gallery. In Brazil, Fiat Car Manufacturer Company will present the new Fiat Uno car which is something like the Fiat Panda reinterpretation of the Latin American market.

Fiat Uno was a good selling midsize car in India. This car was a talk in town for years, unfortunately Fiat Uno faced extinction in India and Fiat finally wound up Uno sales in India. The all new Fiat Uno is full of freshness. They stripped traditional body style and grown big by taking Fiat Panda’s base.
Let us see whether Fiat and Tata Joint Venture will bring New Fiat Uno to India too!

2010 Fiat Uno
These vehicles are priced at each of its models Vivace (1.0), Attractive (1.4), Way (1.0) and Way (1.4) ranging from $ 14,500 to 16,000 U.S. dollars in their versions of 2 and 4 doors.
The engines are:
Evo 1.0 Fire Engine has a maximum output of 73 hp and maximum torque 9.5 kgm at 3,850 rpm. With alcohol, the power is 75 bhp and 9.9 kgm torque arrives at 3,850 rpm. Fire Engine Evo 1.4 has a maximum output of 85 hp and maximum torque of 12.4 kgm at 3,500 rpm operating only with gasoline. Using alcohol only, its power is 88 hp and torque 12.5 kgm at 3,500 rpm. Urban consumption, 14.7 km / l (gasoline) and 10.3 km / l (alcohol) use in route, 19.4 km / l (gasoline) and 12.8 km / l (alcohol).
In Europe come to be below 500, while the Mercosur replace the current model.
This new model could be marketed in Italy and South America, can reach to other emerging markets in eastern Europe and Asia.

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