Thursday, October 21, 2010

lexus recall-toyota recall list

The maker has found that its IS, GS and RX models have been affected by brake master cylinder and fuel pump problems.
Fuel pump problems on the upmarket GS 300 models built between September 2004 and February 2006 have caused the second recall. Belinda Poole Lexus director, said: ‘We apologise for any inconvenience or concern these recalls may cause our customers.

Lexus is working with VOSA to contact owners by letter to advise them to take their vehicle to a Lexus Centre or an Official Lexus Service Outlet for the necessary repair work to be done.

According to Toyota, there maybe a problem with the brake master cylinder cup in nearly 1.5 million of its vehicles around the world. Without getting too technical, if you have the problem, you'll notice your brakes feel a bit "spongy." Here are pictures of the vehicles affected by this recall.

Braking power can slowly decline as fluid leaks from the master brake cylinder. Toyota vehicles outside North America have defective fuel pumps that could cause engine stalls.
Vehicles Affected by Latest Toyota Recall:

• 2005-2006 Toyota Avalon
• 2004-2006 Toyota Highlander
• 2004-2006 Lexus RX 330
• 2006 Lexus GS300,
• 2006 Lexus IS 250
• 2006 Lexus IS350

Source :Toyota lexus recall

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