Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chevrolet Aveo may get a new name‎ ?

The 2011 Chevrolet Aveo, which made its production debut at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, may drop its name when it begins production in the United States.

GM’s North American President Mark Reuss said that Orion will become home to Chevrolet’s new small car and the Buick Verano compact sedan. GM never called the Chevy small car the Aveo in the release.

"Chevrolet Aveo" is currently the name for the Chevrolet subcompact import from South Korea. The name never has quite caught on even though it was on sale well before other competitors entered the segment, like Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris. Rick Kranz's column in Automotive News mentions the first crack in the wall: word from General Motor North American sales chief that the name Chevrolet Aveo remains in question. That saves money and increases profit if can also sell them under the same names, creating a worldwide identity.

In a story clear out of left-field, we've learned that Chevrolet may be considering dropping the "Aveo" name for the new model of its compact hatch.

In a shocking development, GM's President of North America, Mark Reuss, explains to Automotive News that the Aveo name is, as AN puts it, "difficult to pronounce and confuses customers." Sarcasm aside, GM no doubt realizes that the Aveo name doesn't resonate especially well with consumers thanks to sub-optimal perceptions of the current model (and all past models, for that matter).

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