Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ford Explorer 2011 first New England

It was the latest 2011 model of Ford Explorer, the highly anticipated 4X4 wheeler that attracted a pool of people outside the Fenway Park yesterday.

Ford’s Interior Studio Manager – Michael Arbaugh was there to handle the onslaught of questions. He was kind enough to open the car doors and let people check the Explorer’s cushy interior. The greatest highlight of Ford Explorer was its touch interface. Ford topped off the Ford Explorer with 30% efficient fuel consumption.

Ford Interior Studio Manager, Michael Arbaugh, was on hand to give select dealers and media a first hand tour of the totally new 2011 Ford Explorer. Ford’s new “My Ford Touch” interface is above and beyond any other entertainment system on the market today. Combine that with 30% increased fuel economy, terrain management, hill decent, and the worlds first inflatable rear seat belts and the 2011 Ford Explorer model has absolutely zero in common with the outgoing 2010 model.

The new My Ford Touch system relies on, you guessed it, touch screens and smooth touch activated buttons on the center console.

Being the official car and truck sponsor of the Boston Red Sox, Ford unveils the latest Ford Explorer 2011 model in New England.
Michael Arbaugh, Ford Interior Studio Manager was present to assist the dealers as well as the audience the first glimpse of the completely new Ford Explorer. The latest “My Ford Touch” interface of Ford is exceptional and far beyond any other available entertainment system these days. Moreover, this 2011 Ford Explorer has a 100% distinction compared to the Ford Explorer 2010 model.

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