Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2011 Chevrolet Aveo

The 2011 Chevrolet Aveo trails behind other cars in its class in most, if not all, aspects. Available as both a sedan and a five-door hatchback, the Aveo and Aveo5 offer the opportunity to get a new car at a used car price. With an MSRP of $11,965 for the sedan and $12,115 for the hatchback, pricing is the Aveo’s claim to fame.
Unfortunately, the Aveo doesn’t have much else going for it. The Aveo lacks safety features that competitors offer. Just keep in mind that the base Fiesta is priced a little over $1,300 more than the base Aveo.
Another vehicle to consider over the Aveo is the 2011 Honda Fit. Available only as a hatchback, it starts at nearly $2,800 more than the Aveo5. The base Fit also includes standard safety features like side-curtain airbags and anti-lock brakes -- which are unavailable in the base Aveo.
Base Versa sedans are available for $9,990, or nearly $2,000 less than a base Aveo. Both base model vehicles don’t offer much in the way of standard equipment, but the base Versa can be optioned with ABS, something unavailable in the base Aveo. The base Versa also comes standard with side curtain airbags, a safety feature unavailable on any Aveo model.
Many used vehicles also make better choices than the Aveo. Check out current Chevy deals that may be available on a new Aveo.
The 2011 Chevrolet Aveo is available in three trim levels; LS, 1LT and 2LT. LS models live up to their bottom-rung designation. Air-conditioning is standard on 1LT Aveo models.
Aveo 2LT models add features such as power windows and locks, cruise control and remote keyless entry to the standard features list.
In terms of horsepower, the average coupe/hatchback packs quite a punch and will knock the Chevrolet Aveo down a few rungs. Drivetrain
The Chevrolet Aveo's engine is tremendously smaller than the average coupe/hatchback's. Utility
Drivers with frequent kid-duty might favor the Chevrolet Aveo over the average coupe/hatchback.
You'll definitely take the Chevrolet Aveo for a fill-up roughly as often as the typical coupe/hatchback.
The Chevrolet Aveo offers more head- and leg-room to your passengers than the typical coupe/hatchback does.
The average coupe/hatchback is tremendously more bulky than the Chevrolet Aveo. The Chevrolet Aveo and the typical coupe/hatchback compete for the same parking spaces.
It costs almost the same to get the Chevrolet Aveo to the dealership as the average coupe/hatchback. With respect to gas mileage, the Chevrolet Aveo has the typical coupe/hatchback beat. The typical coupe/hatchback is tremendously costlier than the Chevrolet Aveo when it comes to MSRP. The typical coupe/hatchback will cost you a bundle in gasoline every year compared to the Chevrolet Aveo.
The 2011 Chevrolet Aveo, a smartly styled subcompact, offers excellent fuel economy, a long list of standard features and a bargain-basement price.

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