Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fiat 500 commercial

Following months -- if not years -- of anticipation, Fiat is finally weeks away from reentering the U.S. market with its new 2012 Fiat 500. To help prepare consumers for the launch, its retro compact car, and expose buyers to the brand's Italian heritage, the automaker has launched a new wave of TV commercials.

While Fiat plays up the 500's Italian heritage, the car has been modified for the North American market. Although Fiat says the 500 is aimed directly at the Mini Cooper, the $15,500 base price manages to undercut the British car by $4600.

After nearly three decades away, Italian automaker Fiat is set to sell cars again in the United States, starting with the tiny 500.

The car is among a growing crowd of small vehicles entering the U.S. market, all touting small engines and high gas mileage.

Fiat took over Chrysler last year amid the American automaker's Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and in so doing got access to Chrysler's network of dealerships. Orange County is slated to have two Fiat dealerships open soon, Fiat of Irvine (Robert H. Tuttle & Jim Click), and Fiat of Costa Mesa (Jonathan Gray), Chrysler Group LLC announced last week. I got a closer look at the 2012 Fiat 500 at the LA Auto Show, and it looks like a pretty neat little car. Fiat 500 was seen as the star of the LA Auto Show 2010. "Fiat 500" is the model that brings Fiat brand on the US market after an absence of not less than 27 years.

Even though the small city car came on the North American market with softer suspensions and modified interior, the idea of a Fiat 500 is the same:more suited for ladies, combining the Italian classy style with the perfect shapes and sizes of the crowded city roads.
Fiat wants to use, hot commercial in the advertising campaign for Fiat 500 in America.
The brilliant new campaign for the Fiat 500 model is signed by DIESEL.

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