Friday, November 26, 2010

Alfa Romeo and Maserati may get SUVs based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee platfor

The bond between Fiat and Chrysler continues to grow with this latest piece of news that Maserati and Alfa Romeo may get SUVs based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee platform, which according to Sergio Marchionne can easily take on the larger and more powerful powertrains that a luxury SUV has to offer.

Jeep’s own offering includes a 5.7 liter Hemi and a 6.4 liter SRT-8 Hemi. A large Maserati/Alfa Romeo SUV based on this platform could house Ferrari’s front mounted rear wheel drive engines, already used in Maserati passenger cars.

Chrysler and Fiat boss, Sergio Marchionne, has hinted plans to use the Jeep Grand Cherokee platform as a base for upcoming Maserati and "Alfa Romeo" SUVs.
An Alfa Romeo spokesman said just yesterday the Jeep Grand Cherokee platform could be used as a base for an upcoming Alfa Romeo SUV, which would expand the model lineup.
Chrysler's redesigned Jeep Grand Cherokee has been so successful that Fiat may use the sport-utility vehicle’s platform for Alfa Romeo and Maserati models , the companies’ chief executive officer said. Chrysler, the US automaker controlled by Fiat, introduced the updated Grand Cherokee earlier this year. Marchionne plans to open about 165 Fiat franchises in the US in 119 markets. Marchionne said Chrysler is working on bringing the small, multi-purpose Fiat L0, pronounced L-zero , to the US.

Marchionne denied reports in Italy that Fiat was considering spinning off its Mirafiori plant near Turin to a company owned in part by Chrysler. “Expect Chrysler products to be made by Fiat and Fiat products to be made by Chrysler,” Marchionne said. Marchionne said Fiat and Ferrari wouldn’t use the Jeep platform. The Grand Cherokee’s architecture could be used for the higher-priced "Alfa Romeo" or Maserati brands and could handle stronger powertrains , Marchionne said. An Alfa Romeo or Maserati based on the Grand Cherokee could compete against BMW’s luxury SUVs in the US market, she said.

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