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Nissan Navara Reviews

Nissan Navara Reviews

Nissan’s big Navara pickup has been one of those niche products with staying power.

People liked the Spanish-built Nissan Navara chunky looks and separate chassis, with a switchable two/four-wheel-drive system which gave it genuine skills off tarmac, and Nissan sold far more “Navara pick ups” than they did Pathfinder 4×4s, which were essentially the same vehicles, but with big, station wagon bodies and independent coil spring rear suspensions, rather than the pick up’s rear axle’s hefty leaf springs.

The Nissan Navara claimed combined 33.2mpg is a notable improvement on the old model’s 28.8mpg.

With stiff rear springs (intended not to sag if the load bay, with its clever range of fixing points, is filled with heavy gear), the "Nissan Navara" ride proved un-jittery when semi-loaded. For those who like even more power, Nissan is also offering a 3.0 litre V6 diesel in the Nissan Navara for the first time.

No nonsense 2x4 and 4x4 strength with modern comfortable interiors are why the latest Nissan Navara vehicle is such a success. Built for the toughest conditions, the Nissan Navara gets the work done with minimal fuss.

Standout features for this year are things like: a 3-tonne towing capacity, a lusty class leading turbo-diesel engine, advanced safety features, a balanced ergonomic dash, smooth detailing, chrome trim, alloys, power outlets and keyless remote control entry.

You’ve got it covered with the Nissan Navara. At first glance, you see a crew cab pickup truck with loads of features. The "Nissan Navara" is a tough muscular truck with loads of style.

The Nissan Navara range features plenty of power and torque. The Nissan Navara range is a strong ute that is such a loyal and robust working companion. Nissan's latest generation 4.0 litre V6 petrol engine is available on all Dual Cab models, and it's a true beauty. The 2.5 litre turbo diesel offers Nissan's latest generation common-rail technology. The diesel graces the Dual Cab and King Cab models. Naturally, being diesel, this engine returns impressive fuel economy and reliability. Switching from 2 to 4 wheel drive has never been easier in the Nissan Navara. The Nissan Navara's interior has dual zone climate control, cruise control, and comfortable and well designed seats with the option of leather.

The front seats are powered and heated, while the rear has a 60/40 split bench seat, thick rich carpeting, and an in-dash CD auto-changer with steering wheel controls, tilt steering, air conditioning, electric sunroof and fold flat passenger seat.
Your safety isn't compromised in the Nissan Navara either, with front and rear crumple zones. You will quickly realize that the Nissan Navara isn't any ordinary mundane truck.

Nissan Navara Dual Cab DX 4x4 Turbo Diesel 3.0
Nissan Navara Dual Cab RX 4x4 2.5
Nissan Navara Dual Cab RX 4x4 4.0
Nissan Navara Dual Cab ST-R 4x4 Turbo Diesel 3.0
Nissan Navara Dual Cab STX 4.0
Nissan Navara Dual Cab STX 4x4 2.5
Nissan Navara Dual Cab STX 4x4 4.0
Nissan Navara Single Cab 3.0 DX Diesel 4x4
Nissan Navara Single Cab ST-R 4x4 Turbo Diesel 3.0
Nissan Navara is a double cab and this feature makes it advantageous over others. It is true that, all big cars do not offer better performance especially with heavy load vehicles.
Here are a few details what Navara is capable of.

Front end is revised with a new designed grille and bumper.
Nissan Navara is available in different trim options. Navara does not lack the common features like stability control, cruise control, surround sound system, rear view camera etc. Safety features include the stability control and fully loaded air bags including the side screen air bags.

The all new V6 diesel engine is built primarily to offer economy and class performance with reduction in CO2 emission. Power developed is 170 KW with 550 Nm torque. Maximum torque is available at a low 1700 rpm and is available all the way up to 2500 rpm. One adopted technique includes the Overcooling exhaust gas which reduces Nitrogen oxides emission. 2010 Nissan Navara is definitely superior to the previous model and impresses by offering comfort and luxury to passengers. "2010 Nissan Navara" will really be a good option if you adjust with the negative features it comes along.

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